Thursday, February 11, 2010

Junk Food Movie Product Placements

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A majority of the
top-grossing films in recent years have featured
food and beverage product placements -- with junk
food and fast-food restaurants grabbing most of
the starring roles, a new study finds.

LINK: Junk food gets spotlight in many movies: study

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Social Marketing Examples from Promotion Board Presentation

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sugar Stacks

Follow this link and read more about sugar that is in popular drinks and other popular highly advertised foods products.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Don't Drink Yourself Fat.

New York State has shelved the idea of a tax on sugary sodas and juice drinks. But New York City's public health officials opened a new front in their struggle against high-calorie beverages on Monday, unveiling an ad campaign that depicts globs of human fat gushing from a soda bottle.

"Are you pouring on the pounds?" asks the ad, which urges viewers to consider water, seltzer or low-fat milk instead, and warns: "Don't drink yourself fat." The ad - which cost about $277,000 to develop over three fiscal years, including money for creative work and focus groups - will run in 1,500 subway cars for three months. (The $90,000 cost of the subway advertisement comes through a private donor, the Fund for Public Health in New York.)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Restaurants Need To Heed Kids' Health Savvy

According to a new "Kids & Moms Consumer Trend Report" from food service consultant Technomic and children-focused brand marketing agency C3, kids are showing a growing awareness of nutrition. This growing "health savvy" among kids is attributed to exposure to nutritional information.

Screen Time Boosts Kids' Blood Pressure

Too Much TV, Computer Use May Elevate Blood Pressure in Young Children
Bill Hendrick, WebMD, Aug 4, 2009

Too much "screen time," whether it's watching TV, using a computer,
or playing a video game, may raise the blood pressure of young
children, a new study shows.

This is true even if the children are not obese or overweight,
researchers report in the August issue of Archives of Pediatrics &
Adolescent Medicine.

The researchers say they found -- apparently for the first time -- a
link between sedentary behavior and elevated blood pressure in
children aged 3 through 8. The findings suggest that increased media
exposure for children may be much worse for children's health than
previously thought, the study's co-author Joe Eisenmann, PhD, says in
a news release. Eisenmann is a professor in Michigan State
University's Department of Kinesiology and a former colleague of the
study's lead author David Martinez-Gomez, BSc, of Iowa State University.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Subway, 'National Geo Kids' Team On Promo

Karlene Lukovitz / / MarketingDaily / July 6, 2009

A new campaign co-sponsored by National Geographic Kids magazine and Subway features magazine-branded toys included in the Subway Fresh Fit for Kids meals and a contest to win a trip for four to Alaska.
The toys, available while supplies last, include exploration-themed items such as a compass, an endangered species expedition map, and an adventure journal.

Kids ages six to 14 who are U.S. citizens may enter the trip contest on by writing a short (100 words or less) personal essay describing their greatest adventure.

The campaign, which launched Monday, is being supported by an integrated advertising program that includes a cover wrap and themed double-sided explorer activity cards in the magazine, as well as custom puzzler games and other content on the campaign's microsite.